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Mastering 5G: Comprehensive Technical Training

core engineers
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Who Should Attend?

  • Network Engineers and Architects working on the deployment and management of mobile networks.
  • Technical Managers and Decision Makers overseeing the transition to 5G technology.
  • R&D Professionals involved in the development of 5G technologies and solutions.
  • Security Analysts focusing on the telecommunications sector.
  • Anyone with a technical background interested in understanding the intricacies of 5G technology.


Course Content

  1. Introduction to 5G
    • Expectations and Key Objectives of 5G
    • Challenges in Achieving 5G
    • Security Threats in 5G Networks
    • 3GPP & GSMA Key Recommendations for 5G
  2. Overview of 5G Access Network Technology
    • Evolution of LTE to 5G
    • Introduction to New Radio (NR) Technology
  3. 5G Network Architecture
    • Functional Split between NG-RAN & 5G Core
    • Architectural Overview of Access Networks
    • Deployment Strategies: Non-Standalone (NSA) vs. Standalone (SA)
  4. Deep Dive into 5G Core (5GC) Architecture
    • Core Principles of 5GC
    • Network Slicing in 5GC: An Overview
    • Introduction to 5GC Network Functions
    • Various Representations of 5GC Architecture
    • Interworking with EPC in 5G Networks
    • Policy and Charging Control in 5G
    • 5G Roaming Architecture
    • Quality of Service (QoS) Models in 5G
  5. Signalling in the 5G Core
    • Protocol Stacks in 5G Networks
    • Basics of HTTP, HTTP/2, and JSON
    • Framework for Network Functions
    • PLMN Interconnection in 5G
    • Core Network Security in 5G
  6. In-depth Analysis of 5GC Network Functions
    • Comprehensive Discussion on Key 5G Network Functions
  7. Security Procedures in 5GC
    • Detailed Overview of Security Mechanisms
  8. Signalling Procedures in 5GC
    • Communication Between Network Functions
    • Procedures for NF Service (Registration, Deregistration, Registration Update)
    • Mobility Management Procedures
    • Session Management Procedures
    • SMS over NAS in 5G Procedures
    • SM Policy Association Management Procedures
    • Interaction Procedures between SMF & UPF
  9. Practical Workshop
    • Analysis of Signalling Traces
  10. Q&A, Open Discussion
    • An open forum for questions and discussion on the covered topics


Course Objectives

  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the 5G network, including its architecture, technology, and core components.
  • To explore the evolution from LTE to 5G, focusing on new radio technologies and deployment strategies.
  • To delve into the 5G Core (5GC) architecture, examining network functions, network slicing, and the interworking with EPC.
  • To understand the security threats and recommendations for 5G networks as proposed by 3GPP & GSMA.
  • To gain insights into the signalling protocols, procedures, and security mechanisms within 5G networks.
  • To analyze the Quality of Service (QoS) models and policy and charging control mechanisms in 5G.
  • To provide hands-on experience through a workshop on signalling traces analysis, enhancing troubleshooting and network optimization skills.



  • A basic understanding of mobile telecommunications and previous generations of mobile networks (3G, 4G/LTE).
  • Familiarity with networking concepts and protocols.
  • A general understanding of IP networking and network architecture principles.
  • Prior experience in telecommunications or a related technical field is beneficial but not mandatory.


Training Structure

Three-day training divided into logical sessions.



The course employs a mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions. Participants will engage in detailed discussions on mobile network architecture, signaling protocols, and their applications. The training includes case studies, call flow analysis, and open discussions to encourage interactive learning and real-world problem-solving.

The training is completely excellent.

Mr. Philipp Korostelev, Beeline Moscow

I can proudly recommend these courses for others as well.

Mr. Tarvo Jammer, Elisa Estonia

Professional, high-quality trainer.

Mr. Gagik Shatveryan, Vivacell

Very clear explanations.

Ms. Tatyana Krasyuk, Life Ukraine

I am very impressed with the trainer's knowledge and experience.

Mr. Mouin Al Saghir, Vivacell

Training was above expectations!

Mr. Ariel Haxhiu, Eagle Mobile, AL

Excellent knowledge from the trainer.

Ms. Catherine Barman, Swisscom

Good class notes and great examples.

Mr. Ghaffar Masood, Mobilink Pakistan

Unique training covering the most important areas of my work.

Mr. Eldar Mursaqulov, Azercell

The whole course was very valuable.

Mr. Sayyid Ali, Dhiraagu Maldives

More than excellent course!

Ms. Inessa Mijiferjyan, Vivacell

Trainer was able to answer practical questions.

Mr. Daniel Krolikowski, Play Poland

I feel like the trainer is the best professor and mentor one can have.

Ms. Ledia Meici, AMC Albania

Experienced trainer. Real cases with references to recommendations.

Mr. David Curkan, T-Mobile Croatia

Very well organized training programmes.

Mr. Mihnea Teodorescu, Cosmote, RO

The course covers all the impacted areas.

Ms. Gratia Scanteie, Vodafone, RO

Trainer is open for comments and discussion.

Ms. Natalya Nerubenko, Life Ukraine

Overwhelming knowledge and expertise. Interactive and enjoyable learning.

Mr. Ashish Shrestha, NCell Nepal

Everyone gets individual attention from the trainer.

Ms. Inga Tomsone, Tele2 Latvia

Deep and detailed topic analysis.

Mr. Mohamed Sabry, Vodafone Egypt

A good approach to a complex problem.

Ms. Horia Catrinoiu, Vodafone RO

Course covers all important issues and presents relevant examples.

Mr. Mohamed Kamel, Vodafone Egypt

Trainer adapted to the expectations of the audience.

Mr. Antoine Blanchet, Monaco Telecom

Trainers have passion to teach & impart knowledge.

Mr. Kanchan Chitrakar, Ncell Nepal

Really practical and very fruitful training.

Mr. Niroj Raya, NCell Nepal

Good direct connection between course material and real problems.

Mr. Alex Konstantopoulos, Cosmote, GR

Trainer understands local market experience.

Mr. Andrew Sweetman, Wataniya

The best training ever.

Mr. Timur Zagretdinov, MTT Russia

The training exceeded my expectations.

Ms. Irida Gjashta, AMC Albania

Good logical structure of the course and explanation.

Ms. Elena Shevtsova, Beeline, KZ

Regardless of technology I received theoretical and practical answers.

Mr. Kosta Pribić, T-Mobile Croatia

I received a lot of useful information which I use in my work every day.

Ms. Viktoriya Gusarova, Beeline RU

Excellent exercises!

Mr. Muhammad Ali, Mobilink Pakistan

Great teacher with deep knowledge and experience.

Mr. Philippe Wrzecionek, TATA

This course will be very useful in my daily work.

Mr. Leopoldino Ferreira, Unitel Angola

Trainer understands local market experience.

Mr. Andrew Sweetman, Wataniya

Training provides useful methods to analyze real protocols.

Mr. Seema Karn, NCell Nepal

A lot of useful materials and knowledge.

Mr. Shukhrat Khaydar, UCell

Highly professional trainer with lots of practical experience. Friendly and open.

Ms. Olga Rudnicka, Tele2 Latvia

The trainer is capable of answering all my questions.

Ms. Ana Gheorghe, Vodafone RO

Amazing, more than excellent, audience-oriented trainer.

Mr. Evgeniy Dmitriev, Astelit Ukraine

Many different people from different operators can share their problems and ideas.

Mr. Omar El-Fiky, Vodafone Egypt

Perfect course.

Mr. Arseniy Mazanik, Beeline Russia

The course exceeded my expectations. Hats off!

Mr. Adnan Syed, Mobily

Experienced trainer. Excellent descriptions.

Mr. Ahmad Doar, Mobily, KSA

Very effective training methods.

Ms. Erjona Xhemali, AMC Albania

A clear picture of GSM switching and signalling.

Ms. Anette Chale, mCel Mozambique

Excellent, knowledgeable trainer, open to communication.

Mr. Dmitrii Kropotov, Tele2 Russia

Excellent course and instructor.

Mr. Nikolay Suetin, Beeline Russia

Seminar entirely for Telecommunication operators. A lot of issues covered.

Ms. Pinelopi Tragoudara, Vodafone GR

Excellent methodology of teaching. Simple and easy to understand training.